Sound Design and Music Composition

Nikos Karavas is a Sound Designer and Composer specialising in all aspects of audio production.

He has over 15 years experience working with sound and music and is also a University of Edinburgh MSc Sound Design Graduate (Distinction).

His work includes Film, Theatre (London's West End), and Video Game sound and spans a wide range of genres and styles.

Services offered:

- Sound Design, Editing
, and Recording
- Music Composition
- Foley
- Audio Restoration
- Vocal Pitch Correction (for singers)
- Mixing and Mastering

Please feel free to browse this site for more information, and examples of work.


Read a review of my recent work here...
Nikos Karavas’ falsified sound strikes one particular moment of genius. The soundtrack of Jerry Springer shrewdly indulges the text’s judgements of the ‘lower-working classes’ as deceitful, barbaric, and unfeeling cheats. The design of this production heightens the distasteful jokes about alcoholism, junk food, and race, which are made by, and against Batistick’s characters throughout." Fourthwall Magazine


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